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Who paints over a fresh marking in Vladimir?

malefactors paint over a road marking. So it is more convenient to someone to turn to the house or office, and to someone - to do the business.

in the spring the vladimirskiy streets become covered by a fresh marking. It and, you see, decorates a city, creating people summer mood. And, certainly, does traffic more convenient and safe.

- the Marking is put according to a disposition which affirms the mayor in coordination with us, - the chief of department of traffic police Yury Ivans has informed. - works are made by the contractors employed by city administration. They work at night. The basic volume should be finished by day of Victory. That roads were beautiful, safe and convenient.

However some vladimirtsy on - to the treat concept convenient . They are reserved ballonchikami with a black paint and Modernise a marking, doing solid lines faltering or at all painting over them (several umeltsev already saw on pekinke ) . So it is more convenient to them to turn to the house or a work place. But, according to in traffic police, such amateur performance is fraught with failures or education of stoppers.

- Such unapproved ruptures can lead to reduction of carrying capacity of roads and collisions, - the main vladimirskiy inspector confirms. - therefore on pekinke we try to leave places for turns only on crossroads.

this year any of artists yet have not caught, though their works already decorate is a little expensive. And here last year the traffic police squad has caught for the creative certificate several asotsialnyh citizens with ballonchikom a black paint. Them have fined.

Under the informal version, they were only executors of a criminal plan. And the customer - the owner of the gas station who have wished that to it clients not with one, and from both strips turned.


Who should struggle with noisy motorists?

One of these days Yury Ivans has spent telephone a hot line . Most of all questions concerned noise in court yard from motorists. So, Tamara Stepanova living on the Suzdal prospectus, has complained that drivers include at night loud music and when to them you are converted, send on three letters .

the Chief of department of traffic police has advised to write down numbers of cars of infringers of an order in similar cases and to be converted to divisionals.

- We leave on similar calls, but recently on all we are not in time: them became much. And after all our main work - supervision over security on roads. Work under such statements - a direct duty of divisionals, is better to be converted to them, - he has told.