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Thieves of the son of the director of the oil company have received 44 years of prison

In regional court criminals from a city Tchaikovsky (the Perm edge) have arrived this morning under the own steam: with bags, trunks, and in them - packs with tea, packages with cookies. Nobody doubted that terms to members of this organised criminal group will be big.

wrote about their loudest business. In January Tchaikovsky criminals tried to steal 25 - the summer son of the chief executive the Ural oil company .

Gordeyev Konstantin has received 12 years
the Photo: Alexey ZHURAVLYOV

- Son Dime was kept ringing some times by the stranger and a lovely voice invited at cinema, - Yury Okuntsev, the chief executive of Joint-Stock Company " remembers this history ; the Ural oil company . - the Girl by phone has persuaded the son to meet. It has fetched it by the car and has called: Leave but the young lady begged: At us light at an entrance is not present, rise, meet me at apartment . At an entrance on Dimu three jockstraps have snatched.

Isupov Evgenie is denounced for 11 years.
a photo: Alexey ZHURAVLYOV

For returning to parents of the son morons planned to demand the repayment in five millions roubles. However, there was a discrepancy. Criminals expected to cut down a victim elektroshokerom, but it has appeared is faulty. And on noise and fuss povygljadyvali tenants, and thieves had to retire. In some days   field investigators have detained them already on border with Kazakhstan (more in detail - read At the director of the oil company tried to steal the son for the sake of the repayment in 5 million roubles ).

Obleznev Alexey has sat down for 11 years
the Photo: Alexey ZHURAVLYOV

Besides, on the bill of these swells and numerous robberies. To history with unfortunate abduction, they have plundered two shops - on 90 and 95 thousand roubles.

Has suffered from robbers and a family well-founded   pensioners from Tchaikovsky. The elderly man in garage have adhered handcuffs to the Swedish wall, the wife have wound with an adhesive tape and have taken out from the house of 12 thousand roubles and 500 euros.

Vaneev Alexey has received 10 years
the Photo: Alexey ZHURAVLYOV

Morons judged a jury. In gang - five persons, to it 20 - 25 years. Students, the driver, the tinman. At one of criminals the wife on the sixth month of pregnancy, another - the small child. Earlier anybody from was not we judge.  

Sergo Everyone the court has sentenced to 7 years conditionally
the Photo: Alexey ZHURAVLYOV

  Four persons have received 12, 11, 11 and 10 years of imprisonment in a high security colony. One court has left on freedom: it   stood on a chickie during abduction of the son of the oil industry worker also has received 7 years conditionally.

Morons the jury
judged the Photo: Alexey ZHURAVLYOV

Defendants hear a sentence
the Photo: Alexey ZHURAVLYOV