Rus News Journal

Ilya Vasilev, the singer, the finalist of the teleproject « a success Secret » (TV channel « Russia ») The winner of the international competition « Yalta - Moscow - Transit 2008 »:

I as radical kirovchanin, certainly, I support Kostju Perminova! I know, how it is difficult to live in Kirov, and what now there a situation with workplaces and as reluctantly people leave the terribly - earned. I am grateful to Koste that it, on the example, shows to everything that not all put commercial benefit on the first place, and spends the personal time to the aid of shelters. Kostja, in crisis, does not cease to help people, and more time proves   all that copeck really, rouble protects. It is very healthy.

I am glad that it glorifies our corner of the world such good deeds. I try to help children - to orphans. If money is not present, I help a song. After all to help people - a debt of each of us.