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In the Irkutsk region the man nearly has not blown up the public prosecutor

Today   the forty-year inhabitant   Usolye - Siberian Igor Golubev the act has excited all country - taking in hostages of the mayor, it has gone to kill the public prosecutor, having taken with itself two fighting grenades RGD - 5.

- it is possible to name me the Hostage up to a point, - speaks   the mayor of Usolye   Evgenie Kustos. - I in the car have set him, was afraid that pomegranates   will blow up   directly in park where children walk.

Evgenie Kustos after session gordumy has gone at once on affairs, has gone out of doors and has seen Igor Golubeva. They knew each other, Golubev -   the former leader of local branch of LDPR.

In hands at Golubeva two fighting grenades RGD - 5. The photo is given the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs across the Irkutsk region.
- It has approached to me and tells supposedly conversation is, - Evgenie Stanislavovich continues.   - I know Golubeva. Come, I speak, to 16. 00, at me just reception will be. And here it gets two guarantors, checks pulls out... I am the former Afghan. As the fighting grenade fine looks I know.

and here Golubev declares:

- Have gone the public prosecutor to kill. He does not struggle, does nothing, to complaints does not react,   can, you will affect it.

Evgenie Kustos did not begin to deliberate, has set in the car, itself has sat down for a wheel and to the driver has whispered, that called, where follows.   they Have gone to Office of Public Prosecutor. There   there was a deadlock about which the mayor knew. When have approached, there members of spetsnaz already waited.

- now that only do not write: and employees of Office of Public Prosecutor it, say, in hostages took, and on arrangements to surrender did not react... All not so was, - the direct participant of events Evgenie Kustos confirms. - I have brought it to this deadlock, to public prosecutor`s workers on a broader scale threats were not.

the Militia there and then took Golubeva in a ring, and pomegranates from it visors its big brother, which has arrived to persuade the relative to give the weapon. After that Golubeva have detained at once.

Igor Golubeva`s Detention. The photo is given the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs across the Irkutsk region.
- I do not understand that with it such happen, - Evgenie Kustos is perplexed. - Drunk it, of course, was, deranged. All repeated that the public prosecutor should be killed, because to complaints to larceny in garage co-operative society does not react.
on the forty-year townsman Usolye - Siberian Igor Golubeva is brought criminal case under article 206 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (capture of hostages) and article 222 (illegal storage of the weapon).