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Tomorrow there was a war

In March of this year the Chelyabinsk state academic drama theatre of N.Orlova has received really a royal gift - the grant of the governor of the Chelyabinsk area in 14 million roubles. The part of these means has gone on statement of premier performance the Story about a youth and love on Boris Vasileva`s remarkable product Tomorrow there was a war .

By the way, a film put on Vasilevu, Russians name among the most favourite tapes about war. It has got in the gold list along with such pictures, as cranes " Fly; To fight there are one Old men Officers And dawns here silent Seventeen instants of spring .

With classical already film interpretation vasilevskoj to move our dramatic theatre does not intend to compete. CHeljabintsy will see other version of events of product. Actors are assured of one: Their sight at war through a prism of Vasileva will mention souls of spectators. New work of the director of Michael Filimonova is devoted 65 - letiju Victories and to all veterans.    

the Story Tomorrow there was a war it is written by Boris Vasilevym in 1972. Till now it is considered one of the best products about the Great Patriotic War. Special shrillness to it is given not by traditional descriptions of bombardments and pictures of battles, and touching life of pupils 10 - go on the eve of tragedy. These boys and girls, pure and light, naive and sincere, yet do not suspect about terrible destiny, prepared it and all country.

Protagonists of performance - senior pupils and their teachers living in a usual country town. Here there is a love and envy place, to unbelief and fidelity. Here rejoice and mourn, fall in love and are jealous Tomorrow there was a war is a drama history about the first love, friendship and treachery.

- Value of this story that in it such moments of human life which cannot be erased time are shown. It is the first kiss, the first appointment, the first pain, the first loss, the first treachery. Besides, Boris Vasilev - one of those writers who did not say lies about war, - considers the director Michael Filimonov.

veterans of the Great Patriotic War and workers of back become the First spectators of performance.

the Academic drama theatre of N.Orlova
Ph. (351) 264 - 76 - 84
on April, 30th
the Beginning in 18. 00
the Ticket 100 - 500 rbl.