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All family - in Ural the Disneyland !

Vicinities of Satka and small town quite often name heart of Southern Ural Mountains. On the one hand, it is the powerful industrial site: here there is the world`s largest industrial complex on manufacture ogneuporov Magnesite the oldest in Russia Bakalsky mines, and also iron factory. With another - untouched by the person the nature here was saved. And the pearl of local places by right considers lake Zjuratkul. It the most high-mountainous, that is why also the coldest in Southern Ural Mountains. But what pure! Water in it completely changes for one year. All because runs into lake of 29 cleanest streams and the small rivers running from mounts. And superfluous water is carried away in a valley by the river the Big Satka.

Kitova landing stage

Picturesque kinds of Zjuratkulja in a bordering of mounts in tens years drew here tourists. Those who liked to wander on mounts with a backpack and to sit at a fire on stony coast. They come here and today. But in Post-Soviet years on lake coast businessmen and instead of otgrohat to themselves smart summer residences, have begun to build unique objects for tourists have come. Without envious persons, truth, has not managed. Same Kitovu landing stage time and again tried to take down: the pier, it harms to lake. But a complex nicknamed in the people Ural the Disneyland has stood and till now delights visitors of Zjuratkulja.

Kitova the landing stage is the pier stylised under Russian olden time and fantastic small town. Take a walk on it each interested person can. And it is absolutely free. Where still if not here, you see a mansion of Kashcheja Immortal and an izba of the Baba-yaga? Will meet Quixote and Sancha Pansu which have stiffened at a windmill. Glance in plagues and a jail katorzhanina. Or will rise on a deck piracy brigantiny also twist a wooden steering wheel. And even will aim from the copper guns standing in loopholes of the strengthened fort.

Any person did not leave still Kitovu landing stage the indifferent. And the photos made here, will suffice on the whole photo album!

Kitova landing stage - a fairy tale for adults and children.
a photo: Irina GOLLAJ

Mini - a zoo ekoparka Zjuratkul

One more free an attraction for tourists is mini - a zoo which is created at a resort ekopark Zjuratkul . Here it is possible to see brown and Himalaya bears, a wolf, deer, a camel, and in stable stalls - horses and a pony. But the present exotic begins in nursery of northern draught dogs. In the winter they roll in teams of tourists. And all free time touch gapers the white muzzles with unusual for us a narrow cut of eyes. All dogs are good-natured enough and very much love, when tourists scratch them behind an ear. From nursery and a zoo you also will take away weight of unusual pictures.

the Road to Zjuratkulja from Chelyabinsk can occupy three - four hours. Therefore many tourists go here with spending the night. The blessing for rest here it is possible to find base on any pocket. To judges of the European comfort will approach ekopark Zjuratkul and the variant is cheaper - a camp site Heavenly lake or small houses of national park Zjuratkul . However, it is possible to arrive here and with tent.

the Camping on the river Ah

Is a camp in the Ajsky valley which is surrounded in the beautiful mixed summer. Near to a camping - small river and natural skalodrom where it is possible to master skills of the rock-climber. If want to play with children in scouts - welcome here. In a camping there are catamarans, kajjaki, rubber boats so can go on an alloy. And after water travel - poparitsja in banke on coast Aja.

By the way, from a camping with skilled instructors it is possible to go to small travel on Satkinsky area. To visit on hydroelectric power station Thresholds which 100 years, or in one of caves which here it is a lot of this summer are executed.

Dogs in nursery rideable, but love, when them scratch behind an ear.
a photo: Irina GOLLAJ