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On May, 3rd day of memory of Prelate Nikolay, a diocesan Ohridsky and Zhichsky

Prelate Nikolay, Bogonosnyj the father of our days, was born in day of memory of the prelate of the Nahum Ohridsky in 1880. His parents, peasants - farmers, always stopped work for a daily prayer and observed church postovoj and divine service is abrupt.

From infancy raised by this heavenly bread, prelate Nikolay became subsequently the new Chrysostom known and favourite everywhere in the Orthodox world for the sermons, oracles and hagiographas. It became the friar, then the hieromonk, and subsequently a diocesan Zhichsky at the age of 39 years. During the Second World War has accepted travails in a concentration camp in Dachau.

After war has rescued many left Serbian monasteries from destruction, sending there nuns instead of stirred up, concluded or called on military service inokov. He podvizalsja as the bishop and the counsellor in America also has died in Piously - the Tihonovsky monastery in Southern Kenane, the State of Pennsylvania. Its hallows have been transferred in 1991 to its native village Lelich to rest near hallows of venerable Irenaeus.