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The new bridge through Yenisei in Krasnoyarsk will appear in 2015

continues the action the City reception : we help readers to communicate to officials directly, to set urgent problems or to make offers. This week we have set your questions to the assistant to the mayor, the head of department of town-planning of administration of Krasnoyarsk Igor Stepanovichu Ivanov.

- Good afternoon, my name is Alena, I young mum also would like to learn, a leah will build in the near future kindergartens in October or in Railway area? At us the greatest turns in a kindergarten. Mummies stand in a queue for years and to arrange there the child it is simply impossible.

- Hello Alena. The sequence problem in preschool centres costs sharply enough in all disctricts of the city. For municipal authority its decision - one of priorities. Last year we have placed in operation at once two big kindergartens on 380 places in the Soviet area. In Railway area along the street Pushkin the kindergarten on 260 places which will open the doors for kids next year now is under construction. As to October area - preschool institution building in microdistrict Botanical and the repayment at the builder of a small kindergarten on the apartment house ground floor in Student small town here is planned.

- My name is Sergey, I am converted to you on behalf of tenants of 360 houses in Nikolaevka (streets Locomotive, Brest, Volochaevsky). Our houses give under a pulling down, on a place building of the new bridge is planned. But when us will move also us will take down - nobody speaks, in administration any concrete terms do not name. All of us were simply exhausted, constantly pending, we do not know, to sit down to us on sites the future crop or not - suddenly in a month of the house will start to clean! Respond please when will precisely take down our houses and where us will move?

the Head of department of town-planning of administration of Krasnoyarsk Igor Ivans

- Good afternoon, Sergey. Bridge building is important, scale and zatratnyj the project. Considerable expenses are connected with building of left-bank and right-bank approaches to the bridge (these are overpasses, multilevel outcomes, platforms and other constructions). We should take down more than 600 structures which most part is in Nikolaevka. For moving of inhabitants erection of four high-rise buildings in the same microdistrict is provided. Inhabitants, whose houses get to a zone of building of the bridge can does not worry - the mass and hasty pulling down will not be. At first the ground areas and structures on them will be withdrawn, after check in the order about withdrawal to all tenants will direct the notification message. Inhabitants will have a whole year to choose the conditions of moving optimal for. For today the project of approaches is ready, the documentation - is directed for state expert appraisal. On the predesigns, the new bridge should will appear in Krasnoyarsk till the end of 2015.

- Good afternoon, me Andrey call. Would like to learn, when will expand road in the street Belinsky, after all the problem with tenants of houses on May like would be resolved. Heard, what will build here underground transition, it is truth? When he will earn?

- Road along the street Belinsky - the site strained in the transport relation in a city. For this reason reconstruction of this highway is begun by one of the first. Then we assumed that we will enter road in 2009, and in 2010 - we will finish pedestrian crossing building. The municipality has settled inhabitants and has taken down some the private houses getting to a zone of reconstruction. The problem situation has arisen only with inhabitants of one house, it was resolved in a judicial order in the spring of 2010. Last decision was taken out by regional court that it to execute, it is necessary for us to direct to proprietors of means at a rate of the redemption price of withdrawn property. Unfortunately, the bill on which it was possible to transfer money proprietors, them till now it is not opened. The next obstacle threatens expansion of road and pedestrian crossing building in the street Belinsky. Therefore while we cannot spend auction and begin a roadwork. We make optimum efforts that this year motorists and pedestrians could free and overcome Belinsky`s street safely.

- Igor Stepanovich, inhabitants of the emergency house on Vavilov, 94 are converted to you. Our building is in an awful status, simply collapses in the face of. But it will take down only next year, and to move us - too. But respond please how it is possible to live in such dilapidated house?! We are in constant fear for ourselves and the children, we are afraid that the house will simply collapse on pieces!

- Dear tenants, the house in the street Vavilov is the first in Krasnoyarsk pjatietazhka which is subject to a pulling down! Unfortunately, equivalent apartments on the area which have been constructed for resettlement of emergency habitation last year, it has appeared insufficiently. Therefore moving passes stage by stage, for the remained inhabitants the house in microdistrict of Pokrovka where you will move in the first quarter of next year is under construction. With public service of the house and disorders in empty apartments we discussed problems at recent meeting with representatives of regional administration. The decision to five families living at the first entrance is accepted, to pick up time habitation from reserve available housing. The input in this entrance will be blocked. Complaints even more 70 families living at the second entrance, also will not disregard. Already now the question with the decision of municipal problems is taken under control.

the Following subject of a city reception - education. You can set the questions by phone (391 259 - 17 - 72 or to send on electronic mail mishkina@kras