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The square price dries out

One year ago at fair of real estate which passed in Kemerovo, the majority of representatives of realtor agencies and the building companies almost unanimously asserted that falling of cost of habitation in Kuzbas already comes to the end, and in the autumn the square price again will start to grow.

It seems that these forecasts have not justified: at similar fair which has passed recently, there was no good few of those who exhaled one year ago optimism, - they had to curtail activity from - for proceeding falling of quantity of transactions in the habitation market. The price of square metres decreases in the meantime.

to become cheaper to apartments there is no place Further?

According to Kemerovostata, in the first quarter 2010 the price index in the secondary market of habitation across the Kemerovo region in comparison with the similar period of last year has caved in on 1,1 %, and in the primary market - on 1,2 %.

- In my opinion, in the secondary market on some objects reduction of prices has already reached a bottom and is a little trite upwards, - the president of the Kuzbass guild of realtors Natalia Korchuganova marks. - First of all it concerns one - and two-room apartments. For example, if in the Central area of the regional centre odnushku in a five-storey apartment block it was possible to buy for 1350 thousand now she follows 1550 thousand roubles. I will notice, however, that while is individual transactions, therefore unequivocally to speak about any tendency early.

On two-room apartments almost same situation is observed. If in Leninsk area half a year back dvushku it was possible to get for 1400 - 1450 thousand roubles is now cheaper than 1650 thousand already difficultly to buy. And in this case too to speak about a rise in prices tendency prematurely because yet it is a lot of transactions. However on the average the prices in the secondary market have really grown approximately on 5 %.

- I Assume that the prices in the housing market all - taki will grow in Kemerovo, - Natalia Korchuganova admits. - In - the first, many people have savings. These are potential investment money. They cannot long lie the dead capital, and depositary rates in banks decrease and is serious enough. Those who stored money for currency accounts, have especially painfullly felt losses as both the euro, and dollar fall in relation to rouble.

From skyscrapers in maloetazhki

Banks on - former with huge care finance those who builds habitation, and those who would like it to buy. For this reason rates of building in the first quarter 2010 - go have fallen in comparison with the first quarter 2009 to 13 %.

in general high-rise buildings to build there is nothing, and to buy in them apartments almost that there is nobody. From this year in Kuzbas a priority in building it decided to give to low building where the square metre manages where more cheaply. In those regions where in low building are engaged for a long time and seriously, the square price in a country house does not exceed 20 thousand roubles. And the share of such building in total amount makes 50 - 60 %.

in regional department of building the map of perspective platforms is already developed for complex low building in Kuzbas. They are located in 19 cities and areas of Kuzbas. Within the next years in this territory will put into operation about 750 thousand square metres of habitation.

the Regional power promises to create conditions for such building and to provide sofinansirovanie from regional treasury. Money will go mainly on building to these platforms of electric networks, plumbing and sanitary.

According to experts, this program has good chances of the future in the event that registration of the ground areas under such houses will become simpler, and the price of objects in 100 - 150 square metres does not leave for price frameworks 2 - 4 million roubles. After all purchasing capacity of the population on - former remains enough low.