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Than to improve complexion?

- the face skin - from a wind, from dry air more often is shelled. Broth from what grasses is better for using to remove reddening, irritation and to improve skin colour?
Karina .

-       to Calm an angry skin grass broths poskonnika, a chestnut, primroses will help. To improve colour, it is good kriomassazh cubes of the ice made of infusions of a camomile, turns, a grass chistotela. To do it it is better in the morning.

one more recipe effective: three drops of butter of a lemon to stir in a table spoon kunzhutnogo and to put this mix in the evening on the face.

and after each water procedure it is necessary to humidify a skin with a cream which approaches for your type of a skin. It is good, if the cream structure includes extracts of green tea, camomiles, a cucumber, an aloe - belief.

- at me happen strong vysypanija heat-spots on the person (it is not connected with monthly). What will advise from grasses?
Maria. 22 years.

- it is possible, at you liver function is broken zhelcheobrazovatelnaja and zhelchevydelitelnaja. Also such displays specify that there can be a chronic pancreatitis (now it quite often meets and at young patients - from - for improper feeding and “because of nerves“).

And your skin incurs function of deducing of fat-soluble products of a metabolism in the form of superfluous education of skin fat. Therefore also furuncles owing to infitsirovanija fat are formed by bacteria. Buy in a drugstore zheludochno - intestinal gathering Ή 2 and Ή 3, gathering gastrofit, gepatofit. Accept under the instruction.

- at me a seasonal allergy - pollinoz - on cereals. Medicines almost do not help. A leah it is possible to be treated by means of grasses?
the Maya.

-       It is necessary to restore function of an intestines, a liver, a pancreas. Necessarily eat bread of a rough grinding. In yoghurts or kefir add ovsjanuju a flour, oat flour - any crushed eating fibres. Your status will improve at once - toxic loading will decrease for a liver.

herbal medicine begin with roots and grasses, avoiding tsvetkov, - accept acorus rhizomes, dandelion and burdock roots.

at problems with breath (allergic persons suffer often attacks of whistling breath, sensation of shortage of air) cold infusion valeriany well helps. It calms, softly operates on the nervous respiratory centre, helps to remove a bronchospasm.

antiallergenic properties a yarrow grass, tsvetki calendulas, the train, a duckweed also possess.