Rus News Journal

War has spent through horrors of death and has presented true love

Day when war has begun, Anastas Korotkov remembers till now. To it there was only 21 year. It walked in park with girl-friends when by radio declared disturbing news.

- All around began to scream with fear, - the woman remembers. - guys and little girls, women and men have run home!

Who could think that in a year the Ice crust it is necessary to leave a family and to go to minister. She lived with the sister and mum in Omsk. After the technical school termination on its distribution have sent to work in Ishimsky area, in local school as the teacher of elementary grades. Has arrived to holiday home, but the terrible message about the war beginning has turned at once all in her life. The sudden summons in Stalin rajvoen -
komat at all has not frightened.  

- There there were many men and all some women, - tell Anastas. - to us have told that we can descend home and collect things, and then return. When I left, mum cried, and the sister asked: Remain with us! but how I could remain?! At night we have planted in an echelon. I thought so: Come what may! If it is fated to die - I will die! but fear was not.

Soon Nastja has appeared in the Far East. It together with five girls has got in 7 - e branch of a prospecting aviaregiment. Them began to prepare for service - learnt to shoot and jump with a parachute. In spite of the fact that the first jump has called wild fear Nasti, the girl has perfectly consulted and has merited a praise of the commander.
and the difficult life has then begun: commandoes flied on tasks, and women stacked parachutes. They lived in barracks, washed where it is necessary. Anastas is remembered by an amusing case as they with little girls have gone to wash feet.

To them the unfamiliar girl was attached. They have reached the necessary premise, and there soldiers have met it. Guys have pulled off a dress from the stranger, and all have seen that it is the Japanese spy! Him have there and then detained and have withdrawn. But was at war and at all to laughter.

- Happened we will sit down with children, we will start to sing under an accordion, - the woman speaks. - as suddenly from nowhere in the sky there are enemy planes! Will throw bombs - and half of children already dead lie. And once we carried meal in the cart, and on us have dumped a mine. There were we then without rations.

But any, even the most terrible nightmare when - nibud comes to an end. In the same way, as well as four years ago, the voice by radio has informed that Soviet Union has won victory over Germany. Anastas has gone home to the native.

Mum and the sister have gasped, having seen the girl live and healthy! And after a while life has given them the next surprise: to the Ice crust there has arrived the guy with whom she corresponded during war. It ministered in armies of People`s Commissariat of Internal Affairs. They were acquainted by mum of the girl.

- It has appeared such handsome man! - smiles Anastas. - soon we have decided to get married. Have gone to a registry office, have undersigned and have gone home! In two days it has come and has told: Well, can, we will live together? we were very happy!

Now Anastas Korotkov lives in village Troitsk, in the house on the bank of Irtysh. It has a kitchen garden and hens. In spite of the fact that this year to it 90 years are executed, the economy is conducted by her. And her daughter, four grandsons and two great-granddaughters live in a city. They adore the mum and the grandmother. Each time on May, 9th come to it to celebrate Victory, fry shish kebabs. And necessarily give it brooches and a beads which Anastas so loves, - even in old age she tries to look young.