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Kirghizia will define destiny of the American air base “ Manas “ on a referendum?

many hoped that with change of the power the question on a conclusion of the American air base called now by the Center of transit transportations, from territory of Kyrgyzstan will dare positively, that is military men from the USA at last will stop the “ peace “ activity in our country. However till now it does not happen.

On Monday with the rational offer, closely concerning the further destiny TSTP in our country, the opponent of the American transit centre the party leader " has acted; ZHaryk Kyrgyzstan “ Rasul Umbetaliev. As he said, the people, instead of the mighty of this world should put an end in a question of prolongation or the termination of activity of base in KR. And to make it it is possible only by removal by separate point in a forthcoming referendum of a question on destiny TSTP.

- the People should make the realised choice, - have noted Rasul Umbetaliev. - However we consider that from abiding of the American military men in Kyrgyzstan there is more than harm, than advantage.

confirming to the words the party leader has remembered incident with kyrgyzstantsem Alexander Ivanov whom the American military man has killed in runtime our compatriot of official duties. Has remembered the public of Rasul Umbetaliev and history with armoury and the ammunition found in a private residence on suburb of Bishkek. The third factor which should affect people choice, the politician named dump of surpluses of aviation fuel on fertile fields of inhabitants of nearby villages to base. This factor, according to the party leader “ ZHaryk Kyrgyzstan “ has considerably struck on health of many citizens of vicinities of Bishkek, and also on ecology, and as consequence, productivity.

the Unique exit the politician sees in strengthening of cooperation with Russia as for today more than one million kyrgyzstantsev feeds our country at the expense of work in the Russian Federation.

- if Russia like Kazakhstan deports our citizens, Kyrgyzstan will appear in extremely difficult situation, - has underlined Rasul Umbetaliev. - All our economy is focused on Russia. We should listen to Dmitry Medvedev`s opinion which at a meeting with the US president has essentially declared that Kyrgyzstan remains the strategic partner of Russia.

it is important!

As informs news agency “ ΐΚΘpress “ Rasul Umbetaliev has counted up the losses connected with cancellation of the excise tax for jet fuel which was delivered on air base “ Manas “ since 2005. So, under its data, for air base for all time of abiding of soldiers of the USA in KR it has been imported more than 1 million 807 thousand tons of jet fuel.
- If to increase this volume by 2 thousand catfishes for ton (the excise tax) it will turn out that the state has received less 3,6 billion catfishes (about 80 million dollars).