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the Most difficult decisions, unfortunately, should be accepted most


That boy, Artem Savelyev, it it is simple, on - to mine, has got to very bad family... In - the first, it is a monstrous act from its adoptive parents. To take the child and, as a matter of fact, to throw out it through plane in the opposite direction, having told that, excuse, I have not consulted, take away it back. It not only is immoral it it is illegal.

And, in - the second that especially now stirs me, the quantity of such cases in America has increased... It seems to me that taking into account negative experience which has collected in this sphere, we should think with our American colleagues of the conclusion of any agreement, maybe, rigidly establishing duties of parents which accept the child from Russia, and monitoring creating possibility behind such family .


I have felt that to me it (to be baptised. - a comment red.) It is necessary... And what for people come to church? They come, if they feel in it requirement, if it not excursion, certainly. Here and I have felt in 23 years that I need to make it. I consider that it is good for me because after that life washing there was a bit different. It is not accepted to speak about such things aloud because the religious feeling should be where - that inside. The one who parades it, that arrives not so fairly. It is such public relations itself. It seems to me, it is important for any person . The LEAH

HAS ended BECOMING cold WAR ?

I would like to hope, what yes. Also know why? Cold war is a boring piece, to anybody from it it is not good. Huge money is spent, life becomes more and more strained. We look against each other as at enemies. What in it good?

Anyway, I will do all from me depending, that cold war has never returned .


Decisions are accepted by to whom these decisions are assigned by the law. If to speak about questions external and internal policy, defence, security is only the president and more anybody. I, can, and would be glad it to divide with someone, especially during the most drama periods, for example, in August, 2008 when there was a known conflict on caucasus. But I cannot tell that this decision was accepted not by me or that I bear responsibility for this decision together with other colleagues, with Putin or with someone another. I personally bear for it responsibility. And it is not a shame to me with this decision. But I simply want to tell that the most important, most difficult decisions, unfortunately, should be accepted most... At us the government all - taki, in my opinion, was more technical body, than it should be. And when the government was headed by such skilled politician as Putin, the authoritative person in the country, the government became more active and its activity of more substantial .

About the TERRORIST who has BLOWN up In the UNDERGROUND

It practically the child, to it of 17 years. But it has made for herself the decision which has led to death of a large quantity of people. Why? It is among those who has grown on caucasus. It was married for one of gangsters, and he/she is the foreign mercenary. And when he has been killed, apparently, she has made decision to revenge but to revenge usual people... Irreconcilable it is necessary to destroy. But all the others, those who has made a mistake and has got to gangsters owing to any casual circumstances or because to it have bullshitted as it is accepted to speak, have washed out a head, with them it is possible to work and it is necessary to return them to normal life. And this most difficult .