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The militiaman from Krasnodar has on the quiet sold the car of the relative

the Businessman from Slavyansk - on - Kuban Oleg G (the name is changed in the interests of the investigation. - a bus comment) In February has bought for 390 thousand roubles the supported foreign car. In repair it has enclosed fifty more as the iron horse needed to be put in order. But to drive on a new car the man was not in time. It had to leave urgently on office affairs to Ukraine.   therefore has asked the second cousin of the wife   - 25 - summer DPSnika -   to park on the account.  

- Yes not a problem! Besides at me all garters are. You will return, all will be as it should be, - the relative has promised.

When Oleg has returned, the militiaman has knocked on a table.

- Give 200 thousand, and I will renew a wheelbarrow on you, - the guard to Oleg has twisted. While a grief - the owner of a car tried on - family to settle the conflict, appealing to related feelings of the swindler, the militiaman has sold the car and has left money to itself. After that Oleg was converted into Office of Public Prosecutor.

- Accused five years ministers in the Krasnodar traffic police, - the senior inspector of slavonic interdistrict investigatory department Oleg ShCherbina speaks. Is a business it is entrusted to us because the car bought in Slavyansk - on - Kuban.   and the victim with accused are registered in a village Anastasievsky. Now there is a consequence, and the court over the enterprising employee of traffic police will be in the end of May. By the way, the militiaman guilty itself does not recognise and declares that the car belongs to it. It even has given us documents on purchase. But graphological examination has proved that signatures on them counterfeit.