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What Yaroslavl firms will be soon visited checking

By us continue to publish schedules of planned checks by supervising bodies of the enterprises of Yaroslavl. According to the federal law controllers should co-ordinate the checks with Office of Public Prosecutor. So now this information is opened. warns - they go to you!
so whom to wait checking since May, 4th?

Management GU the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia across Yaroslavl region
Since May, 3rd (19 days)
Open Company Corporate textiles public amenities centre Red pass street of 1905
gas station PBJUL of Donskov A. V, Tutaevsky highway, 74
Open Society Vtortsvetmet street Exhibition, 3
SSMU Stalkonstruktsija Tutaevsky highway, 2
Open Society the Diesel engine - service pr - t October, 87
Since May, 4th (5 days)
IP Kochigina E. A
IP Bugrev S. N
Open Company Strojtehimport
Open Company the Company the YEW Brake highway, 109
IP Sokolnikova O. A, street of Ship builders, 21
IP Cerebellums of M. V
IP Bychkova O. V, street Sand, 1
Since May, 4th (20 days)
Open Company firm the Castle Brake highway, 109
Open Company Water of life
Open Company the Express train packing street Sand, 1
Open Company Remontnostroitelnaja firm the New system
Open Company promkomplekt
Open Company Strojtehmontazh
Open Company Spetsinvtehnika - I pr - t Frunze, 95
Since May, 5th (20 days)
the Yaroslavl branch of vladimirskiy Open Society promzhildortrans station Autofactory Industrial highway

Management of Federal Agency of supervision in sphere of protection of the rights of consumers across Yaroslavl region
Since May, 1st
Open Company Tourist agency MBS - tour
Since May, 3rd (20 days)
IP Korotkov D. A
IP Movsisjan B. S
IP Rybachkova S. G
IP Turova L. G
Open Company the Trio Service Lenin area
Since May, 4th (20 days)
IP Pogudin And. N
MOUDO City station of young naturalists, Lenin area
Since May, 5th (20 days)
MDOU a kindergarten 50, Krasnoperekopsky area
MUP the Wave Freedom street, 34
Open Company the Warehouse Krasnoperekopsky area
Since May, 7th (20 days)
Open Company JArseverstroj the Kirov area

Management of the state road supervision across Yaroslavl region
Since May, 4th (20 days)
Open Company the Alliance - leasing pr - t October, 56
Open Society Yaroslavl Poligrafkombinat Freedom street, 97
Since May, 5th (20 days)
MUP the Wave Freedom street, 34
MUP JArgorelektroset Tchaikovsky street, 37
Open Company JArstrojkom Volodarsky`s street, 28
Open Society JASU gidrospetsfundamentstroj street Republican, 35
Since May, 7th (20 days)
IP Dmitriev JU. S, Pushkin`s street, 11