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Nizhegorodtsa which has arranged dancings on Eternal fire, have fined on 1000 roubles

past Friday world court of the Nizhniy Novgorod area the sentence 23 - to summer Michael Sazonov has pronounced. Together with contemporaries it has in plenty gambolled on Eternal fire: hefty guys suited jumps through a flame on the way from night club. And the first on a granite pedestal Michael Sazonov has jumped. After a minute to Eternal fire the militiaman has come tearing along. He has seen orgy on video monitor - supervision and has tried was to bring to reason geeks.

- but they   continued to behave so as if in wood at a fire sat! - till now does not hide emotions zamkomandira a battalion on protection of the Nizhniy Novgorod Kremlin at the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs across the Nizhniy Novgorod region Sergey Moiseyev.
the company has responded to words of the militiaman vile swearwords. Sazonov most was zealous. Even has torn the form to one of postovyh when those have appeared in time to the aid of the colleague.

and here the most interesting further has begun. Sacrilege the day before 65 - letija Victories have estimated precisely small hooliganism. Have written out to each of villains the thousand penalty and have sent back home.
- to Explain to them that they have broken a morality, and have abuseed over memory of the grandfathers, was useless, - militiamen make a helpless gesture.

- you will think, have jumped through fire? What in it such? - Young men were perplexed. But penalties all - taki have paid.

Sazonov became the only thing, who after Kremlin parties villages on a dock. Only here judged the villain not for mockery over a relic. It has received eight months of corrective works for the public reviling of the representative of the power .

When militiamen tried to stop cynical orgy, the guy strewed revilings and was spoiling for a fight. Thus, under the existing laws, militian honour has appeared more important memory of Great victory.

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