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In Yaroslavl have opened love Avenue

In the modern art Center it is possible to admire exclusive hats and to luxuriate in the rain from roses.

At first from a photo the cat has smiled to me, then hands were pulled to a fluffy puppy (it is a pity that not to stroke - drawn!) . And from above umbrellas from which flows down a rain from roses hang.

That to us a bad weather, when here, at a painting exhibition, a photo, verses and hats love Avenue - the present pastures of Heaven! has grown up them in a usual grey room, almost creative union Other life . On creation of hats, pictures, verses and dorisovyvanie photos they were excited with avenue in the street Sverdlova.

It raznosherstna, as well as a exhibition. Pictures on walls belong to the leader of creative union Aglae. Here and a red epic lion, both a fox terrier, and a shady court yard, and here the centre - that avenue illuminated oranzhevo - red lanterns. Hardly at some distance - simple dandelions and it is bright - green leaves of a maple which someone has scattered on asphalt. And here pigeons together in carnival clowns. The author of a series Gofmaniada - Vadim Kazjulin. On it is black - white photos - birds and harlequins in masks. As they have got here with venitsianskogo festival - a riddle. One more riddle - a glove and the cylinder. They alone soar in air - who has lost them on love avenue?
that: a painting Exhibition, a photo, verses and hats love Avenue .
Where: the modern art Center ARS .
When: till May, 9th daily, with 11. 00 to 19. 00 hours.
how much: the entrance ticket - 50 roubles, for students of 30 roubles, for pensioners and schoolboys - 15 roubles.