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Victor SELIVERSTOV: Let`s make our performances accessible!

- hello, my name is Lena. I remember that the Siberian kaleidoscope participated in Lyudmila Zykinoj`s concert. It was so fine so beautifully, very much it was pleasant to us! Tell, and you have still similar offers?

- Offers are. But anything concrete while I can not tell. We had plans to act with an orchestra Zykinoj, to go together to tour over Russia. But, unfortunately, Lyudmila Georgievna has left this world

In my opinion, all problem that know our collective in the European part of Russia a little. After the Cossack suite which made the big success, we have sent materials to the producer to Moscow. So soon we will go abroad on concerts. Where - yet I do not know.

- Hello, me Oksana call. My sister is engaged in national dances. Tell, and as it is possible in The Siberian kaleidoscope to get?

- At us professional collective. People before to us to get, are looked through, listened. Basically to us graduates of university of culture or school come. But to us it is possible to get, and without having vocational education, - the main thing that there was a talent.

- And when the set passes?

- We do not submit any announcements. People come or call, ask, when on a place there will be an art director. We then agree about a meeting, we look the person. If it approaches us, we it take. Only we now do not have empty seats. And staff to expand to me do not give.

- Hello, Victor Aleksandrovich. And from what age in the Siberian kaleidoscope take?

- At us in collective participants with 16 till 36 years. 20 years has fulfilled - and on pension.

- In 36 years on pension?!

- Yes. And it, actually the big tragedy. OK, still women, but to muzhiks - that as. The woman can leave in marriage. And to the muzhik what to do? There was you on pension and if there is no other trade - you are necessary to nobody. Therefore I speak to all: Children, get one more education, care of the future...

- Hello. Tell, and the Siberian kaleidoscope more often on tour leaves?

- Know, for 20 years of existence our collective in few places know. In 92 - m to year we acted in Chajkovske. Have made strong impression. But then there were the ninetieth - all village and there were At us in repertoire three musical performances, they are made is very modern, in the form of a musical. Yes, people to us go. But here there come any girls with udavchikami, or smeshariki any - and all children on them break. Take out doors, pay on 700 roubles.

Still me revolts: we come to Prokopevsk with tours. And I should pay to dramatic theatre of 50 thousand roubles. Why I should pay for rent?! We all approximately in identical conditions. Let`s make our performances more well. Let`s show them free of charge. Let people go, look, learn. At us now brilliant program the Cossack suite . It has amazed all! Mihajlovna Koltsov`s world, the head of known State academic choreographic ensemble the Birch has told to us: I never would believe that in Russia the such can be!

- Hello. I will set such question, a bit amateurish. I remember, for a long time still went on your performance. There girls in the white danced, something else with bells was I do not remember, how the program was called. Tell, and who then wrote music to you? The surname has taken off from a head.

- Evgenie Lomovtsev.

- it is exact! And it continues to work with you?

- Unfortunately, now we together do not work. Lomovtsev it is a little in other sphere has left. And that program was called White . There there was an original text, music basically we under folklore music of the program do. We alter it, of course, a little. Here on problems it is necessary to look: that the ballet master will want. All after all depends that they there have started.

- I earlier often went on your performances, and all soloists knew by sight. And then long was not. I come as - that, and familiar faces I do not see. How at you with collective structure? Tekuchka shots, probably?

- Certainly, tekuchka. Who on pension leaves, whom in army take away. And the salary at us not the high. Now, when we have received the status of Governor`s theatre of dance, at us though surcharges have appeared. But 18 is a maximum to which I can lift the salary. And what for the muzhik of 18 thousand? Certainly, it is not enough. Therefore sometimes people leave there where pay it is more, and it is clear. All search, where it it is better. Here to us the grant what to win, then it would be easier.

- Thanks you big for yours spodvizhnichestvo, that you do. God grant prosperity, successes. Good-bye.

- Good-bye, thanks!

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