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The Stavropol union of generals has handed over frontovichke a medal 65 years of Victory

On the threshold of a Victory Day representatives of the Stavropol Union of generals have handed over medals 65 years of Victory to veterans who owing to age and health will meet on May, 9th houses. The general - to major Vitaly Tatarenko special mission has dropped out - it has pinned an anniversary award on Xenia Timofeevne Simonovoj`s chest. The native of Kuban, it wared in the North Caucasus and has reached Berlin. The name of captain Simonovoj and can be read today on a wall of Rejhstaga - in far 1945 - m the girl has left here the autograph.

- the Major Dun has risen on shoulders to majors to Shelenkovu and Yakunin, is going to write on a wall, and I dictate: For blood of fellow countrymen - Muscovites, nikopoltsev, kubantsev, tambovtsev - we have revenged - Xenia Timofeevna remembers. - All of us have undersigned, and the fourth my signature - Simonov`s Captain . Boris Gorbatov (the Soviet writer, in days of war was voenkorom. - Red.) Has written under our autograph They went to Berlin, of glory without dreaming, death without being afraid, lives without feeling sorry. Also have won to itself both life, and glory, and immortality . Probably, therefore our autograph also has become history of Patriotic war.

Vitaly Tatarenko has handed over to Xenia Timofeevne an anniversary medal 65 years of Victory in the Great Patriotic War 1941 - 1945 and a commemorative medal founded by the Union of generals.

Xenia Simonov has reached Berlin.

- Their all 150 pieces are made, your medal under 6, - Vitaly Tihonovich has explained. - And the following medal I will bring to you on 70 - letie Victories, in 5 years. Have agreed?

- When soon after war there was a meeting of the brother-soldiers, one of ours has told that next time we will meet on 50 - letie Victories, - the veteran remembers. - all of us and have gasped, appear, that it so long. And here see, I live, thanks to native, to great-grandsons.

Xenia Timofeevna can tell much about war. For that time it has been lived much. So, frontovichka admitted that when it went down in an entrenchment to have a sleep two - three hours it always on call had a browning which it held at a temple, and a finger on a safety lock. Not to be taken prisoner, the girl was ready to be shot.

Now Xenias Timofeevne 92 years, she is the main person in the numerous family. It is loved by children, grandsons, great-grandsons. And consequently the woman sincerely says that she is a happy person!

This inscription and is today on Rejhstage.
the Photo: the author.