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I will return and I will arrange the big feast

Summer 1940 - go. I still do not have three years. I sit on a bed and I look at uncle Gosha. It such big, strong and kind, gathers podremontirovat a house roof. Economic was also hard-working, loved, that all was as it should be. And here he has just left secondary school and leaves to Tashkent in an artillery military college. Next time I have seen it a year later, in 1941 - m. Already there was a war, and it went on front. Our family has received a news that the structure with soldiers will drive through our station Ubinsky. Some days we waited this train

In this sunny day the father was on duty at station. It worked as the switchman. At last the structure has arrived. Soldiers poured out on platform. And among them - uncle Gosha. Has run up to us, has embraced the mum. Cried all: not only women - even the father and the grandfather. And here a steam locomotive whistle, all run back on cars. Uncle Gosha we then saw last time. But received from it letters. He wrote that saw the fascists lifting on bayonets of small children. Sent money on gifts to nieces . And when in 1942 we have written to it that in a family the third girl, very much on it similar was born, he has responded that will return from war and will arrange the big feast in honour of its birth. Have not waited

Soon my father too have called up for military service. He spoke: It is necessary for someone to protect the Native land . On January, 5th, 1943 we saw off him. There was a terrible frost. To me 5 years, the sister 4 were already executed, and to our babe Alechke was only 3 months. The father cried over it, saying goodbye. We remained without the father, mum without the husband, the grandmother with the grandfather - without sons.

From the father we have received the letter from hospital. We know that it has wounded. And it is more than anything. The notice has come - was missing.

Then new news about the uncle. A cutting from the front newspaper where it was told: Valiantly lieutenant Leonov George Ustinovich battled. One operated for the whole calculation . And in 1944 - m - pohoronka. The uncle has died of wounds and has been buried in Vitebsk area.

And mum all life has waited the father from war. It was clever, beautiful and hard-working. Has adequately nurtured us, three girls. But its happiness and remains that frosty January, 1943...

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