Rus News Journal

On May, 4th day of memory of Martyr Iannuarija

Martyr Iannuary, a diocesan, and with it sacred martyrs of Prokul, Sossy, Favst deacons, Disidery the reader, Evtihy and Akution have accepted martyrdom for the Christ about 305 years, during persecution of emperor Dioklitiana.

Prelate Iannuarija have seized and have led on court to the governor of Campaign to Timotheus. For firm confession of Christian belief of the prelate have thrown in the heated furnace. But, like the babylonian adolescents, it left therefrom safe. Then by order of its Timotheus have stretched on the machine tool and beat iron rods so that bones were bared.

Among the gathered crowd there was sacred deacon Favst and sacred reader Disidery who cried at the sight of travails of the diocesan. Pagans have guessed that they christians, and have flung them in prison the cities of Puteola together with martyr Iannuariem. In that prison there were prisoners earlier for confession of the Christ two deacons, sacred Sessions and Prokul, and two laymen - sacred Evtihy and Akution.

next morning all martyrs have deduced in circus on worry to wild beasts, but beasts have not touched them. Timotheus declared that all miracles occur from sorcery of christians, but has there and then gone blind and began to appeal about the help. Mild martyr Iannuary was returned grace about its healing, and Timotheus has begun to see clearly.

the Sincere blindness has not left the torturer, and it, with even bolshej rage accusing christians of sorcery, has ordered to cut to all martyrs of a head behind city walls. Christians of neighbouring cities took bodies of sacred martyrs for burial, and each city took on one to have the intercessor before God. Inhabitants of Naples took to themselves a body of martyr Iannuarija.

Together with a body they have collected its clotted blood from the earth. When a vessel with this blood have put on power of the sacred martyr put in churches of a city of Naples, blood was dissolved and has become hot, as soon as that the spilt. From hallows of martyr Iannuarija there were many miracles. During eruption of Vesuvius when townsmen prayed to martyr Iannuariju, the lava has stopped, without having reached a city. The pious woman has put an icon with the image of the martyr to the died son, and it has risen.