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Inhabitants of Krasnodar, struggling with rusty water, tenants of Komsomol area of Krasnodar have reached Office of Public Prosecutor

more month observe, how at them from the crane rusty water runs.

- you Wash in a shower and you see, how on hairs settle dark grains from iron. After such bathing I turn to the present Dzhigit! - the inhabitant from street Simferopol, 30/ 1 Anna Akimova tells.

Similar complaints have arrived to us also from tenants of houses in streets Tjuljaeva and 30 - j the Irkutsk division.

- to Investigate quality of hot water have charged to the Kuban Center of hygiene and epidemiologii, - the general director of Open Company " explains; GUK - Krasnodar Lyudmila Golovchenko. - And it is valid, tests did not correspond to requirements sanitary - epidemiological rules and norms on a total indicator of iron. And in some apartments water was too muddy.

the People there and then began to expostulate on rusty pipes which, apparently, anybody and never changed. But the management company has rejected at once this version.

- In 2009 in the street Simferopol, 30/ 1 we have completely replaced intrahouse the pipeline. In other houses working life of pipes yet has not expired, and they quite normal, - Lyudmila Anatolevna continues. - the Problem here in other. Dirty water was already to the approach to an apartment house. That is, such it arrived from the central thermal point.

that Open Society Krasnodarteploenergo renders poor-quality services, the management company has there and then reported on municipal economy department.

While understood, water with a rust whence arrives, the inhabitant from street Simferopol, 24 has made the complaint in investigatory management at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation.

- After bathing its baby had the reddenings similar to a chemical burn, - employees tell a press - services of SOU SKP the Russian Federation across Krasnodar territory. - while results of examination are not present. But according to preliminary data actions kommunalshchikov fall under article 238 a part 1 criminal codes of Russian Federation ( Performance of works or rendering of the services which are not meeting the requirements of security ) .

As a result of Rosvodokanal has confirmed - the fault for rusty water lies on the company Krasnodarteploenergo .

- This organisation is obliged to eliminate all lacks and regularly to wash out water supply networks, - Lyudmila Golovchenko strictly speaks. - to Tenants have made recalculation since March, 12th, a payment for hot water did not charge on a broader scale.

By the way, on - new have counted only to those people who were converted into a management company with the complaint. The same who suffers all these disgraces silently, pay-sheets have come in full. Now, to enjoy pure voditsy, the people go to a nearby private sector to type water from a column. Well directly as in old and not such and kind times!


If at you a problem with water, be converted with the complaint into the management company either to management TSZH or in management on housing and communal services of local administration. Phones will prompt to you in your help service, and for inhabitants krajtsentra it is important to remember dispatching office phone GUK - Krasnodar (861 259 - 14 - 28 and city dispatching service - 050. The reference should be registered. The employee who has accepted the demand, is obliged to name the post, a surname, a name and a patronymic, slip number of the demand and time of its reception. For those days in which will find out discrepancies of quality of water to requirements of SanPiNa, the payment will not be brought according to the law on poor-quality granting of services.

Dear readers! And in your house water qualitative? How react to your references kommunalshchiki? Tell about it in the comments to article!