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Patriarch Cyril has consecrated a new temple in Belgorod and Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Cyril has visited on the Prohorovsky field

was in the Belgorod region with 1 on May, 2nd. Visit of the Most holy has been very sated. First of all he has visited the Belgorod theological seminary where has blest pupils, and in the Preobrazhenskiy cathedral church of Belgorod was put to sacred hallows of Prelate Ioasafa which is considered the heavenly promoter of region.

the Head of Russian Orthodox Church in a cathedral has made a divine liturgy. After solemn service an archbishop Belgorod and Old Oskolsky John has presented to patriarch Cyril an icon of prelate Ioasafa. In memory of abiding in Belgorod the patriarch has presented to the Preobrazhenskiy cathedral an image of the Christ of the Almighty. And to church-goers - small an image of the Risen Savior with patriarshim favouring.

In the first day of the visit patriarch Cyril has visited the new medical centre   ophthalmology and microsurgery of an eye the fund centre Generation . Here the head of Russian Orthodox Church has made a dedication service of the medical centre which will open the doors before visitors on the eve of commemorating 65 - letija Victories. Veterans of war here can be treated free of charge.

- When the person something does for the good of other people, it gives something, but also receives back many. And human life without this exchange of resources is impossible, - patriarch Cyril has told on sanctification of the centre.

For the second day of the abiding in the Belgorod region the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia has consecrated a temple of Belief, Hope, Ljubovi and mother of their Sofia, constructed on the Kharkov mount. One year ago the fire has destroyed domes and wooden designs of this church. After some months temple domes have been restored on money of townspeople.

- Beauty, erected belief national! - the patriarch has admired, consecrating a 17-dome temple of sacred martyrs of Belief, Hope, Ljubovi and mother of their Sofia. At ceremony of sanctification of a new temple the head of Russian Orthodox Church has handed over to governor Evgenie Savchenko one of the highest awards of Russian Orthodox Church - order of sacred venerable Seraphim Sarovsky of I degree.

the Patriarch has signed the certificate of transfer of a temple of Russian Orthodox Church then together with archbishop John and the governor has let out in the sky of the white pigeons symbolising spiritual cleanliness.

Patriarch Cyril has visited   the Prohorovsky field.
a photo: Sergey KRAVTSOV

the well-known Prohorovsky field where during war the grandiose tank battle which has become by a critical stage in Kursk fight and in all Great Patriotic War has taken place became the Following place where the patriarch has gone. On May, 2nd here in a complex military - a historical museum the Prohorovsky field the museum of fighting glory " has opened; the Third military field of Russia . Patriarch Cyril became one of the first visitors of this museum. The most holy during excursion was accompanied by the minister of culture Alexander Avdeev and the councillor of Federation Nikolay Ryzhkov. At opening of a museum patriarch Cyril of all has blest and has generously sprinkled with holy water. Visitors have visited a composition Tank battle under Prohorovkoj. Taran a monument the Memory Candle and stelu on which names of the warriors who have received a rank of the Hero of Soviet Union in battle on the Kursk arch are beaten out. Patriarah Cyril has assigned a wreath and flowers to monuments.

- We bend a head before the fallen warriors and live veterans, before people,
made the present exploit, - Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Cyril has declared and has added that Victory became possible thanks to strength of mind of Russian people.

the Patriarch has visited all lay-outs of the exhibition and has communicated to veterans and even with participants of reconstruction fights.


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