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The vladimirskiy orchestra will play open-air

on May, 6th, in 10. 30 in day of Sacred Velikomuchennika George Pobedonostsa, in a court yard of the Temple of Sacred George (the street Georgievsky, 6) will play the Vladimirskiy wind band under the direction of Artyoma Markin. It is the joint project of a temple, an orchestra and management on affairs of youth of administration of Vladimir region.

- we will play legendary compositions which are familiar to people of all generations, - has told on a press - conferences Artyom Markin. - Rio - Rita On hills of Manchzhurii the Katyusha Farewell of the Slav . Soloists will sing.

to all investigators will distribute Sacred George`s icons and georgievskie ribbons.

- after that actions we plan to organise tea drinking with an entertainment, - Alexander the Gipsy head of department on youth affairs has added. - there will be informal conditions. The vladimirskiy schools, children`s clubs, reconstruction clubs are invited to a concert.

an archimandrite and the prior of the Temple of Sacred George Zosima will pass Artyomu Markin George Pobedonostsa`s icon. The friendship between the Temple and TSHM gets stronger, on a press - conferences in Artyom Markin repeatedly came back to a subject of a planned pulling down of the iron fence dividing the Temple and TSHM.

- In eight o`clock in the morning we will serve the Divine Liturgy in a temple, - has told arhimandit Zosima. - the Secular part of action will begin after ten.

the detailed program of action look on our site.


In Vladimir will put a five-metre card

Management on youth affairs has planned variety meroprijatiyj, devoted 65 - letiju Victories. Among them - the action Tell thanks the winner - on May, 4th with 15. 00 to 18. 00 on the Theatre square and with 12. 00 to 15. 00 on the Victory Area will put a banner in the size 1. 8 m on 5 m in the form of a card - congratulations to veterans. Volunteers will suggest vladimirtsam to congratulate veterans personally - to call them directly from the area.

the project program We are fellow-heirs of Victory

8. 00 Divine Liturgy in Sacred George`s Temple

10. 30 Concert We are fellow-heirs of Victory

1. A word of the prior of the Temple of Sacred George. pobedonostsa in a city Vladimir of archimandrite Zosimy

2. Performances of officials of Vladimir

3. Performance vetrana Vladimir Ivanovicha Suvorov`s Great Patriotic War

4. Minute of silence

5. The concert program of the Vladimirskiy wind band under control of Artema Markin:

B.Bekker. A march Pleasure of Victory
Rio - Rita
M.Fradkin. a casual waltz
I.Shatrov. on hills of Manchzhurii
the Soloist - Tatyana Prokushkina (soprano)
I.Dunaevsky. The Pole from a film the Kuban Cossacks
N.Kuprin. Lebedushka
M.Blanter. In a city garden
M.Blanter. A katyusha
the Soloist - Tatyana Prokushkina
A.Tsfasman. A tango it is unboundedly a pity To me
K.Brjun. the Parisian tango
K.Tejke. Air fleet
D.Tuhmanov. a Victory Day
Soloists - Tatyana Prokushkina (soprano), Valentine Tomilov (baritone)
V.Agapkin. Farewell of the Slav
A.Zhurbin. A waltz from the Moscow saga
A.Ostrovsky. the song remains with the person
O.Gazmanov. Moscow

6. Delivery of an icon of Sacred Great martyr George Pobedonostsa