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The Stavropol hospitals are ready to acts of terrorism

On doctrines in Shpakovsky TSRB head physicians from all Stavropol Territory have gathered. On a legend in edge there were all kinds of technogenic accidents. To physicians have shown, how in an ideal they should work, eliminating consequences of act of terrorism, chemical defeat, nuclear and   biological explosions.

-   we planned to spend These doctrines in June, however, considering restless conditions in our region, we have decided to lead the doctrine before May feasts, - Vladimir Bessons, the director of the Territorial centre of medicine of accidents SK tells.

In an emergency situation very many depends on harmonious work of all services involved in liquidation CHS.

- In each Stavropol hospital such doctrines are spent regularly. The Stavropol doctors, and any regional hospital can operatively assist at mass receipt of victims, - Victor Mazharov the Minister of Health of Stavropol Territory is assured.

doctors prepared For doctrines almost two months. Ministry of Health SK, the centre of medicine of accidents and regional department of the Ministry of Emergency Measures took part in the organisation.

In hospital territory have developed priemno - sorting branch of versatile hospital, and have shown, how physicians should organise the work at mass receipt of injured emergency situations peace and a wartime. About hundred persons have taken part in planned training.

- In such situations it is necessary to distribute correctly forces, and the most important thing - to estimate a status of the victim, - Evgenie Nefedov the employee of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Stavropol Territory explains. - That it has not turned out so that doctors will operate the patient which status allows to wait, and the heavy victim will die from in time not rendered help.

In such situations there are no surgeons and reanimatologov. If to consider that fact that doctors in countryside at all do not suffice, in an emergency situation without the due organisation of many victims can and not rescue.

But knowing a principle of the organisation of work of hospital in CHS, these victims can be avoided, even at deficiency of doctors.    


the Department of the Ministry of Emergency Measures regularly spends   check of the Stavropol hospitals to any accidents. First of all, in medical institution there should be a stock of medicines for the sum from 80 to 150 thousand roubles. But not at all hospitals is such a grist medical products. More often the checking do not find means of individual defence for medical workers. Saving lives of other people, physicians forget about own security.

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the Photo: Dmitrys STEPANS