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In Omsk advertising the company have fined for advertising of cigarettes

Yesterday commission UFAS of the Omsk region has fined on 4 thousand roubles of the employee of the advertising company art - the Master for advertising of cigarettes, informs RIA Omsk - the Inform .

Under the law, advertising of cigarettes cannot take place on technical designs (in particular, on billboards). However art - the Master placed advertising of cigarettes on a billboard along the street 10 years of October. In a written explanation antimonopolshchikam the director art - Masters Dmitry Kuznetsov asserted that advertising of cigarettes has appeared on a board casually: ostensibly before it closed other advertising surface which then someone has stolen.

However the information and a photo presented OOOO the Anti-advertising bear that the given advertising extended on the specified publicity board from December, 10 till December, 20th, 2007.

Commission UFAS has decided: To recognise the chief of an assembly site of Open Company the Company art - the Master Pavlenko Alexander Alekseevicha guilty of fulfilment of an administrative offence responsibility for which is provided by article 14. 3 Codes of the Russian Federation about administrative offences and to appoint to it punishment in the form of the administrative penalty at a rate of 4000 (Four thousand) roubles .