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In Chelyabinsk in transition at Teplotehnichesky institute will put observation cameras

On page it - the line of adoptive city administration has appeared a question:

- Why drug traffic in transition on Teplotehe still exists, though law enforcement bodies know about it?

the Official answer:

- In transition trade narcotic analgetikami for which sale the criminal liability is not provided. Mutuals with the State Committee for Control Over the Illegal Trafficking of Narcotics and Psychotropic Substances in which course of the person are involved in administrative responsibility for illegal enterprise activity are monthly spent. Now the complex operatively - search actions for an establishment and exposure of the persons who are engaged in wholesale deliveries of medical products is spent. This point in question costs on control at a management of the city Department of Internal Affairs.

to detect dealers a potion in the act, at hardware meeting the mayor has suggested to put a videocamera in transition. Also has added:

- At me on a sign some more such points where it is possible to put chambers but while I them will not name.