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Not indifferent citizens ask the president of the Russian Federation not to stop dry-cargo ship searches Captain Uskov

company Administration Hermes being the operator gone in East - the Chinese sea of the dry-cargo ship Captain Uskov initiated petition under the reference to the plenipotentiary of the President of Russia in Far East Federal district to Oleg Safonovu. As passes OPP the East of Russia being converted through the plenipotentiary to the president of Russia Vladimir Putin, they ask not to stop active search of the disappeared vessel. Thousand not indifferent citizens disturbed by destiny of seventeen gone seamen, have subscribed under this reference. Today the text of the reference and subscription lists by plane are delivered to Khabarovsk and are passed in plenipotentiary representation, - Truth informs. ru.

- we do not have any acknowledgement of that the vessel was lost, - the chief executive of the company " makes comments on a situation; Hermes Andrey Podakov. - the Modern equipment established on a vessel, some degrees of protection in case of emergency occurrence, or ship-wreck unequivocally would specify to rescuers a place, where Captain Uskov could sink.

After loss Uskov hearings that the vessel has put to sea technically faulty have gone. Denying these conjectures, Andrey Podakov results some arguments: representatives of inspecting and supervising bodies simply would not let out a faulty vessel from port the Find; old too it is impossible to name it - the dry-cargo ship has been constructed in 1982 in Japan; besides, before this ill-starred flight Captain Uskov carried rice which demands especially careful conditions of transportation.