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Peacemakers of the United Nations are recognised by vandals

Over petroglyphic painting - the autograph of soldier Peter from Croatia. A photo: flickr. com
the images of animals Cut more 6 thousand years ago have been almost erased or destroyed in the last two days by employees of peace-making mission of the United Nations in the Western Africa, informs The Times. Soldiers   have arrived here from 30 countries of the world to supervise cease-fire process between occupational armies of Morocco and Front of clearing of Western Sazary polisario .

It is unconditional loss for a universal cultural heritage, however also blow on local residents. After all these rock drawings are located in Diabolical mounts, a place mysterious and honoured by local nations.

By the way to calculate vandals not too difficult. The majority of them was without hesitation scratched by the names and the countries, whence they have arrived. Has caused a stir there and our compatriot - a certain Evgenie from Russia.

the General secretary of the United Nations has officially expressed concern the vandalism facts. According to its representative Dzhuliana Harstona, it has been shocked by news from Western Sahara. we even could not think that vandals there have gathered. We thought what to help to restore the world there there have gone fighting officers . He also has added that about everything which have left the names on historical monuments, it will be reported to their command . And the United Nations will demand to translate these officers from the given area.