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The Rostov employers will be responsible for persons paying alimony

From tomorrow the Federal law " comes into force; About executive manufacture where the order of collecting of the alimony and employer`s liability of debtors is in detail stated.

According to new rules, vzyskatel has the right to direct independently the executive document on collecting of money resources from the person paying alimony to the organisation or to other person paying to the debtor a salary, pension, the grant and other periodic payments.

the Persons paying to the debtor a salary, are obliged to keep money resources from a salary according to the requirements containing in the executive document. Within three days this money should be translated vzyskatelju, informs rostov. ru

If the person paying alimony has changed work its former employer is obliged to inform on it to court enforcement officers and vzyskatelju.

In case of default of the obligations provided by the law, and also defaults of legal requirements of the court enforcement officer - the executor will be exposed to sanctions both itself zadolzhnik, and its employer, informs service of court enforcement officers across the Rostov region.