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Near Rostov unfortunate enamoured has blown up the gas station

As informs a press - service of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of the Rostov region, on January, 30th, in 12. 00, in a call centre of October rural area the unknown man has called and has informed that has blown up ASZ on 1024 - m highway kilometre Don . Into place has there and then left it is investigatory - operative group.

- the Call has appeared a joke 38 - the summer inhabitant of settlement Novopersianovka whom practically at once have detained in roadside cafe, - Olga Sidorov, the employee tells a press - services of Municipal Department of Internal Affairs RO.

it was soon found out that the humorist has come to cafe, where the beloved worked to sort out relations. As a result civil spouses have quarrelled even more strongly. The man has so dispersed that has decided to revenge a beloved and has not found anything the best how to call in militia. Pier, there will arrive field investigators, will start to check the gas station and will close roadside cafe.
now on the given fact check is spent. The avenger is threatened at least with the penalty from 200 thousand roubles, corrective works or three years of imprisonment.