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In a zoo have celebrated birthday obezjanki

In a zoo still never marked birthdays of pupils with such scope. This time gifts and congratulations were accepted by Bonja. One year ago she was brought into the world by one-colour gibbons of Gabi and Clyde.

according to the scientific secretary of a zoo of Olga Figanovoj, one-colour gibbons - a vanishing species of monkeys. In bondage they breed extremely seldom. Therefore for Bonnie have decided to arrange the present feast.

the babe was confused a little and did not escape punishment mothers. Gabi and Clyde when - that have got to a zoo cubs and to visitors have already got used.

to come to see Bonju with gifts and congratulations have come   pupils of high school 24 and employees of the central library of a name of Lermontov. Children read the verses devoted obezjanke, adults have presented its knitted winter hat.

to set the table the Check it was not necessary - visitors and employees of a zoo have taken care of an entertainment. In an open-air cage have established a fruit tree with different fruits on branches. Fruit - the favourite delicacy of one-colour gibbons, informs PNZ. RU .

Ekaterina mednova,