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On the party of the murderer - the pedophile

the Russian Orthodox Church urges to make church rigid and inevitable criminal punishment for pedophilia and a children`s pornography. the person who is capable to rape the child, should be strongly and for a long time, it is desirable - is for ever isolated from a society. We need to change considerably the relation to such criminals - protopope Vsevolod Chaplin has declared today zamglavy Department of external church communications of the Moscow patriarchy.

thus he has commented on a situation in which there was an inhabitant of Petersburg Alexander Kuznetsov. We will remind that it has hammered to death 20 - the summer tyrant who has attacked its juvenile stepson. Of smiths now is under examination, on it case on charge in deliberate causing of heavy harm to the health which has entailed on imprudence death of the victim is opened, informs Interfax .

According to the priest, Kuznetsova can be understood. Chaplin named awful that fact that in our society there are the people capable of such dirty crime, as the tyrant - the pedophile who has attacked the eight-year boy . At the same time it would be desirable to hope that our system of the right and its application will be such that to anybody nepovadno was to attempt upon the child - father Vsevolod has declared, having underlined that representatives and churches, and the public, and professional lawyers not bring the first year an attention to the question on that, that punishment for pedophilia and a children`s pornography would be rigid and inevitable .

Andrey KORKIN,