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Smoljane are ill a stomach ulcer and a gastritis less often, but get fat

On the statistican adiposity children till 14 years most suffer affliction. Every year the number of the schoolboys, suffering affliction this disease, increases by one hundred. In 2005 of children, suffering affliction 377 persons, in 2007 - already 577 were adiposity.

And here teenagers suffer affliction this disease much less often as with the years they start to care of the health. In comparison with 2006 from 225 persons, suffering affliction adiposity,   The diagnosis have not removed 114.

adults became Leaders in illnesses zheludochno - an intestinal path.

Annually the number of such people increases almost by one thousand. And among teenagers sick ulcers, gastritises and duodenitami became much less. In 2005 under dispansernym supervision there were 2323 persons, in 2006 - 1947, in 2007 - 765.


Victoria JUSUPOVA,