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Followed grace, and have got saratovtsy to hospital

On Kreshchensky bathings has suffered 10 saratovtsev
Knowingly employees fast and rescue services were on duty on the night of January, 19th at the Rotunda. Without undue incident has not managed. From ten thousand saratovtsev, risked to plunge into the ice water, ten persons have got serious traumas. Four of them should be hospitalised.

- the Two have brought at night, than a two more - is closer to a dinner, - the head physician of station of first aid Igor Arhipov tells, - all were drunk.
20 - the summer young man has decided not to go down, and to jump in a font. As a result instead of desirable grace of Bozhiej has received the closed crisis of the left foot. One more ekstremala, 17 - the summer guy, have taken to hospital with the diagnosis ushiblennaja a wound of occipital area .

From - for sharp difference of temperatures at 40 - the summer man pressure therefore from a font it has gone directly on a hospital cot has gone down.
according to employees First aid if saratovtsy did not drink before bathing, traumas and illnesses would manage to be avoided.