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Uraltsy can choose ahead of schedule the head of Ekaterinburg

- Preschedule voting will begin on February, 15th, -   has told on today`s a press - conferences the chairman of municipal electoral committee Ilya Zaharov. Voting will pass in premises of local election committees,   them will be 152.

it is planned to make about one million leaves for voting. Manufacturing of bulletins on February, 2nd will begin, and by February, 11th they will be ready.

the blue bulletin with the image of the arms of Ekaterinburg will be protected from a fake by a microfont and a protective grid.  

the chairman of municipal electoral committee   has added that candidates for the bulletin will take place in alphabetic order and that is remarkable, they submitted documents in just the same sequence.

elections of the mayor will pass in one tour. In case two candidates will collect identical quantity of votes,   the mayor   there is the one who was registered by the first, informs The day before. RU .  

Anastas MOSKVIN,