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Sergey Penkin has arrived to Penza

To Penza Sergey Penkin has arrived for shootings of the program of NTV the Protagonist . Behind steam of the intense working days - had time to visit church on the New western cemetery, constructed on money of the actor, at the singer of the house, in museum of local lore, in muzuchilishche, on Moscow. By the burnt down theatre Penkin easy could not pass.

It would be desirable the contribution to bring not simply there in words or part of money any there to list, I would like, that at this theatre the chandelier presented by me " burnt; - singer Sergey Penkin has told.

on a scene of drama theatre the actor has risen for the first time, when worked in collective of October of Grishin - played one of musical instruments. Now Penkin thinks of a charitable concert which it is possible to hold a charitable concert in Penza or in Moscow.

New theatre in Penza Sergey Penkin outwardly sees almost same what it was - with columns, shops. Though transformation does not exclude.

avenues any theatrical, stars in the earth have been made, as in Hollywood, those Penza actors who here worked which then became very popular on all country, well and that inside there were good make-up rooms, with shower, good light, a good sound that the scene moved - Sergey Penkin, the singer speaks.

now Sergey Penkin prepares the next concert program. In the nearest plans of the actor - the big tour on a route Kazan, Moscow, Ukraine, Baltic. Penza in the tour list while is not present, but the Prince Silver intends to arrive to native land in the summer simply more to take a walk on a native city, informs Penzatv. ru .

Ekaterina mednova,