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In the Penza region the quantity of grave crimes

by Kriminogennaja conditions in region rather quiet was reduced. According to Valery Koshlevsky, the important role in it is played by attraction to protection of the law and order of representatives of the public and introduction in practice of so-called days of preventive maintenance.

In 2007 quantity of offences in public places it was reduced almost to third, and all in area it has been registered on 6300 crimes less, than year before.

For 22 percent the number heavy and especially grave crimes - murders, deliberate tresspasses to health, including with deadly exod, rapes has decreased.

it is enough to tell that at us 10 years ago was 240 - 250 murders in a year, here have now lowered to a minimum and if to compare to the Ulyanovsk region where the population much less, there is made to 500 murders in a year, so at us level simply minimum - Valery Koshlevsky, the public prosecutor of the Penza region speaks.

however to calm down early. If crimes became less raskryvaemost while nenamnogo it is better than them, informs Penzatv. ru .

Ekaterina mednova,