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In the Ekaterinburg zoo weather will be foretold not by a marmot, and the visitor

As in a zoo of a marmot there are no some years the Groundhog Day here will rename into Day of a rodent. Everyone ekaterinburzhets, come to a zoo on February, 2nd, can   to forecast the weather.
- to Visitors will show video films and will hold competitions, in one of which it is possible to test as the foreteller of weather. Any day of month gets out, visitors try to guess, what weather will be this day. Whose forecast will appear the most exact, that then will receive the new book the Ekaterinburg zoo - has promised managing scientifically - educational sector of a zoo Svetlana Polents.

Some years ago in a zoo   there lived a marmot   Dasha, but it have given to a circle junnatov.   Marmots are difficult for containing in bondage, after all deep hibernation is necessary to them. Besides, these rodents do not love visitors, informs The day before. RU .

we Will remind, exists povere that if the marmot leaves a hole on February, 2nd on its behaviour it is possible to judge duration of winter. If the animal is frightened of the shade and will escape in a hole - the winter will be long. If the marmot long remains on a surface will soon become warmer.
Anastas MOSKVIN,