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SMS - udivljalka

Dear readers! If you has surprised or has interested something in our city, dump SMS - the message on it on number 8 - 909 - 730 - 6000.

Cost SMS - under the tariff of your operator.

By the same phone are accepted MMS with a photo of the event which have surprised you.

we hand over to the Author of the best message of week a prize - 300 roubles and we publish a photo of the winner in the newspaper.

In microdistrict the Anniversary guy by name of Sergey has got on a very tall poplar and has removed from a branch of desperately mewing kitten which has stayed by then on a tree three days. The rescued kitty took to themselves Serezhiny friends. It is surprising, as it is a lot of at us goodhearted people! Serege and to its friends - respect and uvazhuha!

8 - 902 - 792 ****

Really is not afraid of anything and anybody damned hanyga - the gangster, for the sake of a purse cut up 90 - the summer desperately resisting front-line soldier? It was at a house entrance along the street Plehanova.

8 - 912 - 485 ****

Why doctors - psychiatrists who accept children who have lost ability to go, have placed on the fourth floor? And a building on street Stakhanov, 51 - with industrial ladder marches. Not to rise! It is made for percent reduction obrashchaemosti families, which and so movement of favourite fumes is hard given?

8 - 909 - 112 ****

What pigsty your Perm! people (in appearance normal) sit in square Mindovsky, drink beer, and garbage and the fish scales throw directly in a sandbox!

8 - 909 - 105 ****

the Road along Kama behind the Krasavinsky bridge towards an ostrich`s farm is cluttered up by a building and household waste. Where administration? Rescue the nature, people! The owner - that is not present

8 - 919 - 495 ****