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Last day spring in road accident four persons

in the Morning on May, 31st in Kishinev were lost there was a road accident in which was lost 25 - summer Alexander Byrka. The car which it operated, ran into an electric column. Collision was so strong that the car has lighted up, and Alexander has died on a scene.

  a bit later near to village Shofrynkany of Edinetsky area there was one more road accident. 35 - summer Vasily Ostafchuk, being at the wheel a motorcycle MT - 11 has exceeded a high-speed mode. During any moment it has not managed to drive and ran into a fence. On a place of accident the driver and it 39 - the summer passenger Michael Surdul was lost.

in the Evening of the same day in Leovsky area on a line of Pljashen - Jargora went 19 - years - ny Ion Morkodjan on the car Suzuki . Without having managed to drive, it has driven in a fence. The driver has died on the spot, and it 16 - the summer passenger has got to regional hospital.

According to traffic police management, from the beginning of year in Moldova there were 1175 road accidents in which 128 persons were lost, and 1174   were traumatised.