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Have at the cost of the life rescued the safe

One armed assault in a city follows another. Couple of months back in broad daylight criminals have attacked on MDM - bank in Kosmoporte . Now two unknown persons in masks tried to plunder the Samara bus car centre on Rakitovsky highway. Really dashing the ninetieth come back?

on May, 29th, on Friday, in four o`clock in the morning two robbers tried to pass in masks through an enterprise check point. Security guard Stanislav Kurbanov on duty has called to strangers. In the answer morons have begun to scorch in it from a pistol. Kurbanov has fallen to the ground. The second security guard, having heard shots, has rushed on criminals. And too has received a bullet. On shout other employees have run out. Robbers have rushed nautek, and without having had time to profit by anything. Stanislav Kurbanov has died. The second security guard seriously injured, now is   in resuscitation.

- On business there is a consequence, - the head of the Kirov interdistrict investigatory department Andrey Zinov has told. - the Security guard who managed to escape, we have already interrogated.

One of versions of the investigation - an unfortunate robbery. Under the informal information, the impressive sum of money was stored in the safe of the Samara bus car centre. Criminal case under article " is brought; murder and armed assault with causing of heavy harm to health .