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The Kemerovo driving schools will judge?

In the beginning of 2009 training rules in driving school have changed. Now to learn to drive 50 class periods and if already there are skills of driving are necessary, it is possible otezdit only 40 hours. Last year driving time was not much less - 32 hours though much more low - on the average 18 thousand rbl. Now in Kemerovo in any driving school learn cost to driving for 24 thousand 500 roubles. And in any educational institution the price approximately same, the difference seldom makes 100 roubles. It is that both have noticed kemerovchane and have started to complain. Indignations left in section Questions an official site of Management of federal antimonopoly service. But complaints were faster than anonymous character, therefore UFAS has decided to check up driving schools independently.

- Infringements have been found out as a result of the market analysis, - have told in Kemerovo UFAS. - Ten driving schools of Kemerovo have established the same prices for the services. Concerning them action to signs of infringement of the federal law " has been brought; About competition protection . Now it are threatened with the penalty from one till fifteen 100-th size of the sum of a gain from realisation of services.

Documents of driving schools checked since 2008 on 2009 - j. In this time educational institutions rose in the price two times: on April, 1st, 2008 and on January, 1st 2009 - go. And all ten schools in the same day and for the same sum. And such, under economy laws be simple cannot. Schools are in different disctricts of the city, accordingly they too pay for rent the different sums. Not all Kemerovo institutions have a modern educational base.

For today in Kuzbas 100 driving schools are registered. Disorder of the prices the enormous. For example, in Novokuznetsk to be learnt to driving it is possible and for 8 thousand roubles.

- I consider that it simply deceit of pupils, - has expressed the opinion Ivan Ogarkov, the chief of department registration - an examination-paper of GAI of the Kemerovo region. - for such price it is impossible to give quality education. At the Kemerovo schools special training apparatus where the pupil can try the forces, without leaving on road, to students tell even about how to help the victim with road accident. And at cheap schools of Novokuznetsk of the pupil sit down in a class for computers, and it simply jags answers to questions.

In 2008 in area driving schools 4 thousand persons a month were trained on the average, this year flow slept almost twice. For three months 2009 on courses went all 8,5 thousand persons. From the first examination in GAI is handed over only by 30 % of graduates. And it is impossible to tell that in Novokuznetsk dvoechnikov more than in Kemerovo. And it besides that training cost in the big cities of our area is essential raznitsja. And it is possible to argue on quality safely. In September of last year of the instructor of driving schools of Kemerovo passed theoretical examination in GAI as experiment. 29 drivers responded to questions on professional suitability with the experience. 18 examination have not handed over.

the Prices in driving schools are not regulated by the state. To calculate, how much it is necessary to pay for training, it is possible, but anybody from supervising bodies does not undertake it. Even in spite of the fact that Management of federal antimonopoly service across Kuzbas has brought an action against 10 Kemerovo driving schools. At the best the prices in capital on training will change, but is insignificant.