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To families with children will pay 12. 000 roubles from the parent capital

Since yesterday branches of the Pension fund of Russia (PFR) on all country accept statements on payment of 12 000 roubles from means of the parent capital, has informed a press - service PFR.
Under the law accepted originally, it was possible to use the parent capital not earlier than 2010. However to support in present crisis conditions of a family with children, prime minister Vladimir Putin has suggested to direct this year means matkapitala on repayment of mortgage loans, and also to pay to families on 12 000 roubles cash.
As to preschedule repayment of a mortgage this right already have used more than 22 thousand families, about 28 thousand have put in statements - money will be listed directly in the banks which have given out credits.
And for reception of single payment in 12 000 roubles it is necessary to be converted into Pension fund branch in a residence with the passport and the certificate (the document confirming the right to the parent capital). Also it is required to bring full requisites of the bank account on which money subsequently will be transferred.
In the Pension fund underline what to put in the statement on reception of 12 000 roubles it is necessary not later than December, 31st if the second or subsequent child was born has been adopted) from January, 1st, till September, 30th 2009 - go. If the second (subsequent) child is born from October, 1st till December, 31st, 2009, with the statement on reception of 12 000 roubles it will be necessary to be converted not later than March, 31st, 2010.