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The minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Bashkiria of villages for an armored car wheel

Perhaps, such congestion of police cars in Ufa was never. More than 500 cars have been exposed on a helicopter platform behind State circus. Before townspeople crews of a call centre of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, traffic police, private security and others have appeared.

Ufimtsy could uvidetsrazu 500 cars, in tomchisle and a special equipment
the Photo: Valery of SHAHS
- Signalmen, for example, have brought a van stuffed with special technics, - have told in a press - service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on RB. - There was even one patrol boat. Minister Igor Alyoshin supervised over review. It even villages personally for a wheel of an armored car, the car spetssoprovozhdenija traffic police and the truck the Avalanche - Hurricane intended for suppression of mass riots. This miracle of technics is equipped vodometami and videocameras and 27 tons weigh.