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Tarapunku poisoned for wrong Ukrainian language

the duet of Tarapunki Well-known on all Union and the Plug rattled in Blue sparks . Especially Tarapunka - actor Yury Timoshenko whom on Russian - the Ukrainian speech it is soft, but nevertheless scourged separate lacks of a socialist society. Including a problem of family relations. But at the same time Yury Trofimovich could become a plot for own satires. Because in 40 years has fallen in love as the boy and has thrown the first wife for the sake of the young singer. Then for similar amoral behaviour it was possible and to take off from work.
Since then Timoshenko has got family happiness and has lost rest. Because envious persons did not cease to peck it for amoral behaviour for independent behaviour and, the main thing, for distortion the Ukrainian language. Overseers of language cleanliness did not understand, what exactly surzhik Does Tarapunku and Plugs clear everywhere.
But, despite everything, the great comedian all the same smiled each time, stepping on the stage. Up to that day when during tours in Uzhgorod in 1986 it was brought by heart...