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Novosibirsk bikers have spent the Day of protection of children

On Saturday morning at a State Public Scientific Technical Library building Novosibirsk bikers from various clubs have gathered. More than twenty motorcyclists and drivers of scooters have taken part in the action devoted to Day of protection of children. They have raised money for gifts and sweets to children, and have gone to a children`s shelter Bereginja .

for children - so-called TOY - run - Novosibirsk bikers have started to spend Similar actions still for a long time - about eight years ago. And two years ago the tradition was revived. It is necessary to tell, the feast for children has turned out smart: it is so much pleasure and delight, and almost as much regret tears that the feast has come to an end.

bikers a colourful column have flown through all city - from State Public Scientific Technical Library in Kalininsky area. In a children`s shelter of visitors already waited. The boy has looked out from - for a collar and was stunned by delight, having seen a huge column of bikers.

kiddies a crowd   Have surrounded motorcycles in a court yard, examined, felt, in eager rivalry discussed models. And bikers after a smoke break have gone to assembly hall - to look a concert prepared by children.

- well and who here the most snotty? - One of bikers speaks in a deep voice, entering into a hall, and there and then puts to itself on hands malchonku.

And the fellow meeting us at gate, breaks into a dance, manufacturing inconceivable pases a break - dansa, but also here unruly bikers could not remain sitting on a place. The ryzheborodyj healthy fellow leaves after the boy and otzhigaet on pleasure to children.

but the most indelible for children of minute come after when each of them, including the smallest, bikers roll on the iron horses round a shelter building. Those who are more senior simply dies of delight and is torn to sweep still, and the small suddenly start to cry - they never in life saw so much the present motorcycles and a little bit were frightened.

Today it is rolled all!

I Approach to two boys, by sight to them of years on 11:

- And you - that went for a drive on a motorcycle?

- yes, but very much for a long time, - fellows as - that reluctantly respond, and here I understand that it was in their antecedents when each of them had a present family.

in the meantime, bikers decide that pokatushki are finished, distribute to kiddies gifts and sweets. Also wave at parting the handle supposedly so long!

- Come still, - the smallest kiddies shout, sobbing navzryd. They pull for hands of tutors and are torn to see off bikers till the gate. With tears in the face of they persistently repeat only one:

- we want to Drive, to drive, - and tears flow streams on children`s cheeks.

the late bikers roll children last circle, and we, adults, those who has arrived to children`s home for the first time, we stand with the lump which has driven to a throat. Poor children as there is not enough pleasure they see in the life! Once again thanks bikers also wanted to tell, after all more cheerful children`s feast to remember as - that is not possible.

Look a photo gallery:

  the Action of bikers TOY - run within the limits of Day of protection of children