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The quay of Ob blazed all the evening long

the Present fire was created on Saturday evening on quay of Ob. Yes not one, and a little at once. It was not necessary to call the blessing of the Ministry of Emergency Measures, as to Novosibirsk have welcomed the best fajershchiki to Russia, and the fiery show occurring at River station, has appeared completely not dangerous, at least, for spectators.

the Unbounded flashlights, not ceasing applause and shocking fiery representation in the platform centre: so looked show of which with impatience was waited by our townspeople.

And that there only was not. Jumps on rollers through fire, dances with a flame from which murashki appeared on a skin. The most burning show had appeared fire consuming . Here this representation not for the nervous. As if the dragon,
one of participants breathed a flame from a mouth while another fajershchik manufactured various figures with the help all the same fire.

Dances with a flame have left nobody indifferent.

- I since the childhood liked to light a stick about a fire and to draw it in air, - Alexander, one of the acting has told about inclinations of the predilection to correspondents. - after some years has learnt to carry out various tricks with fire and has understood that this mine.

And it is valid. Dashing fajershchiki at all were not afraid of fire, even it is more - they operated it. In the street it became absolutely dark, when participants began to prepare for last, most feerichnomu to representation.

the Instant - and fajershchik sets fire to a square with which starts to create improbable things: Throws it, sits in it and twists it in hands as if it at all does not burn. Nearby two assistants set fire still to a couple of subjects and send them up then over them the rain is formed of sparkles. The hope that anybody from participants will not burn is equal to zero, however after the representation fajershchiki radiantly smile, so that`s OK.

- Risk to burn, of course, is, but it only in the event that there is not enough experience, - has explained Artem, fajershchik. - Everyone fajershchik passes through it. On the first employment I burnt constantly, I had till now scars on a skin. But then you start to feel fire and in a literal sense to work wonders. Though and during performances too it is possible to be traumatised easily.

Fajershchiki are not afraid of fire.

Even despite that danger which conceals in itself so uneasy hobby, children are betrayed to the business and continue to act on city streets. And if someone considers as the elements air for fajershchikov there is only fire.


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