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In the Ulyanovsk region have started to prepare for a high water

In regional government of the Ministry of Emergency Measures the plan of measures is confirmed, which should allow if not completely to avoid flooding of constructions during high water passage, at least, to minimise its damage. Thus, in department Ruslana Tsalikova who has demanded have reacted to words of the first deputy of the minister of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia to give particular attention to preparation for ward « the big water ».  

Basically, anything new in the document is not present. The list of the same actions repeats from year to year. At the enterprises of housing and communal services and in management companies will be created under abnormal condition - regenerative brigades and an additional stock of materials. Kommunalshchiki will open all livnepriemnye wells, will clean livneotvodnye trays, pipes, chambers dozhdepriemnikov and trigger lattices of the city water drain. Operating repair and audit of pumping out mechanisms of pump stations and hatches of water intaking columns is in parallel planned. At support of bridges and ledorezov will chop off ice. Experts of gas services should examine daily so-called djuker through Svijagu and gas pipelines of a high pressure being near to reservoirs. In similar work will be engaged and at the industrial enterprises.

it is direct in a high water round-the-clock watch in the settlements getting to a zone of possible flooding will be organised. Now those in the Ulyanovsk region nearby 20. Plus four in line of the regional centre. Traditionally most pavodkoopasnymi there are Sursky and New Spassky areas. In the first under the threat of deluging there can be nine settlements, in the last – five. Besides, under forecasts of the Ministry of Emergency Measures water can come to the regional centres of the Nikolaev, Karsunsky, Radishchevsky and Ulyanovsk areas. As to terms, this year the high water beginning is expected almost for a week before usual – from the end of March. The first the customs should accept the river the Herring. In this connection the special attention of all services of Ulyanovsk will be given the streets which are in pojmah with Svijagi and the Herring – Coastal, Star, Galaktionov. In a case if, despite all admonitory measures, a high water will mention houses of inhabitants, them are ready to evacuate. Hostels of the regional centre and city schools will be ready to accept victims, and the staff of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Ulyanovsk takes the left property under round-the-clock protection.

February, under forecasts of weather forecasters, will be same snow, as well as first two winter months. So fears of the Ministry of Emergency Measures that the high water can give surprises, have under itself the bases.