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Tunis becomes presidential republic

the Lower chamber of the Tunisian parliament at the first session after overthrow of dictator Zin al - Abidina ben Ali has voted for introduction in the country of direct presidential board.

- the Bill will allow the time head of the state to publish independently laws to have possibility to cope with dangers threatening to the country. There are the forces, aspiring to return Tunis back, - the prime minister - the minister of Tunis has declared Mohamed Gannushi.
the former party in power is meant these forces « Democratic constitutional association ».

177 deputies have acted For delegation of power to the president of the country from 195 - ti present (all the Tunisian parliament includes 214 deputies). Now temporary president Fuad Mebazaa can independently publish laws without their obligatory statement in country parliament.

Now in Tunis there is a mass demonstration: Inhabitants demand to dismiss parliament which for 80 percent consists of the former representatives of the party « Democratic constitutional association » (DKO). Party the dictator running to Saudi Arabia ben over Ali personally supervised. Now DKO it is forbidden by the decision of the Tunisian Ministry of Internal Affairs « for the sake of the higher interests and with a view of suppression of infringement of legality ».

But the former supporters of party while represent serious political force. From 10 - ti millions inhabitants of Tunis in DKO consisted 2 million person. Demonstrators - oppositionists suspect DKO in plot against the state instigation to the disorders, the collisions of extremists paid from party cash desk with police.

Also the governors appointed after revolution in 24 - h provinces do not arrange the population. For example, to the governor of a province Gafsa even was necessary to be converted behind support to army and to run from furious inhabitants.

Extraordinary parliamentary and presidential election should pass in Tunis in 6 months.

we Will remind, revolution in Tunis has occurred 14   January of this year. Dictator Zin al - Abidin ben Ali correcting of 23 years, ran from the country. As a result of collisions with police 74 persons were lost.

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